FPV Racing and obstacle course with high tech drones

Enable the guests of your event to fly with professional drones with fpv video glasses


Quadrocopter drone race / course hire for your event Europe-wide

We are one of the first providers of mobile drones FPV Racing racetracks, obstacle courses and game ideas in Europe. Our drones have already been used at events for ADAC, Airbus, Audi, Dusseldorf Airport, EON, Goodman, Liebherr, Lufthansa, Philip Morris, Siemens, Swatch, TÜV Hessen and many more.

FPV means First Person View. The participants each receive a remote control and video glasses. For the participants, the flight experience is absolutely real, since the FPV glasses completely surround the eye area. A brand new flying experience like in a video game at your event. In addition, the video signal is transmitted live to a screen for the viewers. Only high-quality high-tech drones and video glasses from the market leader DJI are used, as well as neat and neutral track elements, flags and tents.



Videos from our FPV high-tech drone course:

In these videos you can see a few of our recent bets. Below you will find many photos of the last events.


In this video you can see the structure of the drone course Indoor with a shelter of traverses and safety nets. For the audience, the live image of the FPV drone flight is transmitted to 2 large screens.





Technical information of our drones:

For our drone obstacle course we use high-quality Phantom 4 Pro drones from the market leader DJI. These drones feature five-way obstacle detection and four-way obstacle avoidance. This technique makes flying even safer, since when flying up to 50 km / h, the drone autonomously detects obstacles and autonomously decelerates or evades. Different modes for beginners to professionals can be set on the remote control. Here are setups for the airspeed, the maximum altitude, sensitivity of the control and much more. be set. The return function allows the drone to fly back to the pilot on its own. A 20 megapixel camera provides brilliant photos and video recordings in 4K.







Locations for using the drones:



Ideal for use are large halls, such as warehouses, sports halls and exhibition halls. During the event, no persons are allowed in the halls. For maximum security for the drone pilots and spectators, we optionally install on request a 7m x 3m security room made of trusses and nets at the entrance of the hall. Within this security room monitors (from 50 inches) are mounted on which the FPV image is transmitted from the drone's point of view.





For outdoor use only private, large grounds are suitable. These areas may only be used for drone flight. Persons may not stay on this site for safety reasons.







2 different FPV (First Person View) controls are possible for the drone pilots:


FPV flight with video glasses:
Here, the participants get a high-quality video glasses (DJI Goggles) and sit virtually in the cockpit of the drone. Since the video glasses completely surround the eye area, you feel after a short time, as if you would even sit in the drone. For the audience, this video signal is also transmitted to large screens.




FPV flight with screen:
By default, on the remote controls of the drones, a screen is mounted, on which the view of the drone is transmitted. This view is suitable for participants who can not tolerate FPV video glasses (malaise / dizziness) or people who initially can not cope with the full FPV racing action. Also in this variant, the video is transmitted to viewers on large screens.






Production of individual flags: 

By default we use our neutral flags in the colors yellow / black for our drone course. Please contact us if we are allowed to create branded flags for you.









More photos: