Trackless train rental for events, trade fairs, factory tours etc.

Choo-Choo trains, tourist trains, fun trains, mall trains, street fair trains
for rent in Germany and Europe

Are you looking for a trackless train for your event in Germany or Europe? We have a total of 4 large fun trains with street approval for Germany and a small version for children. In Europe, our trackless trains can transport trade fair visitors between the exhibition halls on private premises (such as company premises or exhibition grounds) as a tourist train for factory tours or for advertising purposes. Up to 8 large advertising signs can be attached to the roof edges on the trackless trains. In Germany, we can also use the trains in road traffic. Here it would be e.g. it is possible to drive you and your customers from the hotel to the restaurant, to set up a transfer route between the parking lot and the entrance to the event, to organize sightseeing tours and many other possible uses. Up to 56 people can ride in our 4 large street fair trains.

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Some pictures of our trackless trains: