Drones & RC models rent for fairs and events

Rent remote controlled drones, model aircraft, car models, trucks & construction equipment and raceway models for events

On this page you will find an overview of our racetracks and dexterity courses for remote-controlled drones, aircraft, helicopters, cars, racing cars, trucks & construction equipment, as well as boats and ships. All routes can be customized according to your wishes. On request we offer you special RC models of a manufacturer with branding.



Professional drones and small mini fun drones:

In this section you will find professional camera drones, as well as small fun drones. We offer different game modes, skill ranges and disciplines. Fly in our course, consisting of 4m high flags and numerous ground markings with the big drones as error free laps or compete with the smaller fun drones in a drone race against your colleagues. With the big drones, the video signal is transmitted by camera to a screen on the controller. In this FPV view you can see the track like a pilot in the cockpit. For the big drones we also offer the participants FPV glasses. These high-resolution video glasses make you feel like a bird while flying. Do you have specific wishes or ideas for your event? Call us, so that together we can put your ideas into action!


Drones Cage XXL rent Europe-wide for trade fairs, events, conferences, company parties ...

Drone Cage XXL

Drones cage XXL throughout Europe rent for trade fairs, events, conferences, corporate parties ... In this large drones cage is guaranteed indoor and outdoor on events safe flying. We offer full service with drones, construction / dismantling, care ...
Drones fpv racing and obstacle course for events and fairs rent Europe-wide

FPV Racing and obstacle course with high tech drones

Enable the guests of your event to fly with high-tech drones and video glasses in our obstacle course. Used here are high quality drones and FPV glasses from the market leader DJI. Ideal for digitization events.
Mini Drones RaceĀ for corporate events, teambuilding and trade shows

Mini Drones Race

Drones race with small mini drones for outdoor and indoor events. Let your guests fly exciting air races against each other. We adjust the size of the racetrack to your location.